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9th Annual Lantern Walk

Lantern Walk Events

  • Join one of hundreds of local Tinkergarten-led walk events.
  • Free and welcome to all who register!
  • Evenings, December 6th-12th.
  • Bring your own lantern and light up the darkness with your community!

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What Is The Tinkergarten Lantern Walk?

For nearly a decade, TG families and friends have walked with homemade lanterns to welcome winter's darkness, celebrate and connect. Visit our Lantern Walk page to:

  • View DIY lantern-making videos and activities.
  • Learn how to run your own Lantern Walk.
  • Read more about the Lantern Walk tradition.
  • Join live, online special walk-related events.
  • Celebrate organizations who light up our world!
  • Learn Lantern Walk songs and other rituals.

Get or Give a Lantern-Making Kit!

Visit our Lantern Walk store to get or give a sweet, $10 kit that includes everything you need to help kids turn glass jars into beautiful lanterns—beacons of hope and light!

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