Celebrate National Public Lands Day

September 24
4:00pm - 5:00pm
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Saturday, Sep 24

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Class will be led by
Amy Singh

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About this class

Saturday, September 24th is the 23rd annual National Public Lands Day, the nation's largest, single-day volunteer effort for celebrating and serving our public lands. From national parks to local green spaces, hundreds of thousands of Americans will be spending the day engaged in direct service of public lands. At Tinkergarten, we know that many conservation projects are challenging to do with young children, but these early years are the perfect time to make a habit of helping out. And, we think is is never too early to teach children to be grateful for our park lands and for the people who work so hard to care for them.

Join me for coffee, celebration and the perfect project to teach our kids to give thanks for our public lands, and to remind all of us that we are connected by nature. Registration is required, but the event is FREE and open to all families in the community.

“ I loved that she was so self-sufficient...and it's just great to be in the park getting a little grimy every week. ”
— Mom to a 3-year-old
“ I really like the mission, and the instructors are incredibly prepared and engaged, and really wonderful with the kids. This could have easily been just another walk through the park, but you guys made it much more. Many thanks. ”
— Dad to a 6-year-old
“ I learned how and when to step back and let my son be himself in certain situations. That was a lesson that I needed so much as a parent. The leader was able to communicate this in such a gentle and generalized way that I was able to step back and see myself. Not only was that a useful lesson, it was life changing. ”
— Mom to a 3-year-old