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Be a Bee

  • Children icon Age: 0 to 8+
  • Clock icon Time: 1 hour+
  • Leaf icon Materials: turkey baster or eye dropper, cups with water, flowers, egg carton or ice cube tray
In this activity, kids learn about and empathize with hard working bees as they pretend to pollinate flowers and collect nectar for their colony. 

The Guide

Set Up: To help your child be a bee for a day, set out a turkey baster or eyedropper, some cups filled with water and flowers, and an egg carton or ice cube tray. Place the egg carton or ice cube tray a distance from the cups of water and flowers.

Invite Play: Ask, “Would you like to be a bee for a day?” Show your child the ice cube tray/egg carton and say, “We can pretend that this is your hive. How can we collect the nectar from those flowers and bring it back to our hive?” Invite your child to use the turkey baster or eyedropper to transfer water from the cups to the “hive.”

Support Play: As your little bee transfers nectar to the hive, welcome them to do a bee dance. Or, use fabric to make “wings” and fan the hive.

Why is this activity great for kids?

Playing like another creature is one of our favorite ways to help kids use their imaginations while taking on the perspective of others (a super way to boost cognitive empathy).

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