Tinkergarten Class Rituals

What are rituals?

No two Tinkergarten classes are the same—each group of children is unique, and our outdoor classrooms are ever changing and offering new stimulation. However, all Tinkergarten classes share a 5-part structure, anchored by important rituals that support children and adults in learning and growing.

5-part structure

Tinkergarten class is structured in 5 parts:

  1. Warm Up—Designed activities that help children transition into the experience, build on previous learning and support developmental patterns of behavior.
  2. Community Circle—Leader leads circle time, complete with songs, movement and supportive ways to get to know one another. Designed to build literacy, motor skills and class community.
  3. Invitation to Play—Leader sets up the expert-designed play scenario, creating a state of wonder and welcoming children to lead their own play.
  4. Guided Play—Children (explorers) play with one another, supported by the Leader and the adults (guides) who join them. The Leader coaches both children and adults to deepen play and learning.
  5. Celebration and Snack—A time to clean up and sit together as a community, learning to share food and observations which reinforce both discoveries and bonds made during class.

Come to Tinkergarten Song

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A core part of Circle Time at any Tinkergarten class is our Come to Tinkergarten song. We designed the song to develop the following skills, and to delight children and adults alike:

  • Communication—When we repeat the rich, rhyming and rhythmic language in the song, children develop key literacy skills and broaden their vocabulary.
  • Empathy—When they pretend to be animals, children also develop a foundation for empathy.
  • Imagination—Imagining that we are animals and creatures of all kinds, we help children to develop their capacity to pretend.
  • Gross Motor Skills—Moving our arms, legs and trunks as we emulate creatures, children learn how to use and control their big muscles.
  • Joy!—Tinkergarten leaders sing and dance like little kids are watching, infusing our classroom with the joy that stays with kids for life.

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