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Communication final

What are Communication Skills?

By communication, we mean the ability to listen, understand, speak, read and write and more. We also believe that, in order to communicate effectively, kids must learn to understand what they want to get across, then decide on medium and language, anticipating how the message will be received by another person(s). Little to none of this plays out consciously in young children, but if they are given the chance to engage in active discussions, kids can start to develop a sophisticated set of communication skills.

Why does it matter?

On a very practical level, kids need to be able to express questions and ideas in order to learn. Kids who communicate effectively can test ideas, seek help and let their formal and informal teachers in the world know what they understand and where they need support. Kids will also need strong and nuanced communication skills in order to work well in peer groups and manage relationships with authority figures, critical parts of life in classrooms and beyond. Later in life, they will need these skills to form close relationships, advocate for themselves within communities and be effective in the workplace.