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Bubble Joy

Age: 0 to 8 Time: Under 1 hour
Materials: bin, water, liquid dish soap, reusable straw
Skills: Creativity, Curiosity, Sensory

Among the many things that naturally inspire feelings of joy are objects that are round. And, among the round things, nothing is more joy-inspiring than BUBBLES. All you need is some liquid dish soap, water and the okay to play!

The Guide

Step 1: Make bubble juice!

  1. Offer your child a bin or bowl of water and some liquid dish soap. If you are indoors get some towels, too.
  2. Invite your child to make bubbly water! Ask, “Do you think we could use these materials to make our own bubble water?”
  3. Welcome your child to experiment with adding different amounts of soap and stirring it up with their hands. Notice what happens when the soap and water mix and how the bubbly water feels on their hands.

Step 2: Experiment with bubbles

  1. Enjoy watching bubbles move and savor the sight as the colors swirl on their surfaces.
  2. Which bubbles are the biggest? smallest?
  3. Listen for the tiny "pop" sounds.
  4. Feel the juice on your hand and the delicate skin of each bubble.
  5. Add a cup or spoon to the mix and try scooping bubbles, transferring them from one container to another, or spreading them out over a cookie sheet or other flat surface.
  6. Use a straw to blow into the bubbly water. What kind of bubbles can you make?
  7. Scoop bubbles up in your hands and try to move them with your breath.
  8. Take a bunch of bubbles in your hands and clap to make it snow!

Step 3: Make bubble wands

  1. Give your kids a few pipe cleaners, and work together with them to find 2 pencil-sized/shaped sticks. Then, help them turn those sticks into bubble wands. You can also use wire, but pipe cleaners are easier for wee ones.
  2. How could you use your wand to make a teeny, tiny bubble? A giant bubble? What happens when you run with your bubble wand?
  3. How can you catch a bubble? What are all the ways your child can invent to pop a bubble?

Why is this activity great for kids?

Bubbles are marvelous tools for awakening kids' senses and inviting creative, messy play.

Science has shown us that there are patterns to what make us feel joyful, including bright colors, stirring music, time in nature and things that are round. Playing with round bubbles is a perfect entry point to inspire joy and experimentation.

Although joy is something that we experience in the here and now, and may last mere moments, it impacts our bodies and our minds in lasting ways. Every time kids experience joy, the pathways in their brains that are dedicated to feeling this positive emotion grow stronger. The more our kids learn where to find joy, the more they can benefit. Read more.

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