Your Kid Is Already A Creative Genius. Now What?

by Meghan Fitzgerald

If creativity is the ability to imagine new things and bring them to life, kids are pretty amazing at it.

The part they’re especially amazing at? The part of creativity known as “divergent thinking.” 

Divergent thinking is the technical term for the way we come up with answers to problems by generating the greatest number of ideas. It is the cornerstone of creative thinking. 

Studies have shown that we are all born divergent thinkers, but our capacity tends to fall off a cliff shortly after we reach school age.

In fact, according to a creativity test designed for NASA, 98% of preschoolers test as “creative geniuses,” but by age 25, less than 3% still score at that level.

Our kids are going to need divergent thinking in order to thrive and invent solutions to the big problems they’ll inherit. Parents and caregivers have the power to recognize it and give kids opportunities to use it. 

Watch our video, 3 Ways to Sustain Your Child’s Genius to learn how!

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