Why Wellness Is The Most Important Thing We'll Do This Year

by Meghan Fitzgerald

This November, we'll introduce a new season of Tinkergarten with a most timely and important focus on Wellness—our children’s health of body, mind and heart. Our hope is that these classes will also give us grown ups a chance to focus on our own wellness, too. 

Why Wellness?

Of our 8 core skills, Wellness is likely the most important. What could be more crucial than helping kids and families develop strategies to stay active, find calm within, connect to one another and fill their hearts? Given all we’ve been through this year and the uncertainty we still face, Wellness feels more essential than ever right now.

Each week, we’ll cover a new wellness topic, introducing and helping young children make sense of that topic through outdoor play experiences. We’ll also give parents a guide with easy ways to build on the play we start in class and reinforce the wellness concept throughout the week. 

Movement and Breath

To support Wellness, we'll provide kids and families with new, family-friendly strategies, including moving like animals. Derived from yoga, our animal poses will help children strengthen their bodies and calm their minds. Each week, we'll also share a new breathing or meditation exercise designed specifically for young children. Trying these strategies together for even a few minutes at a time can help children develop inner peace. It can also give us parents tools to use when kids need our help to calm down.

What Wellness Topics Will We Cover?

  • Kindness—Timed with International Kindness Day, we'll help kids ages 2 to 8 feel and talk about what kindness means to them and give them strategies for understanding how the kindnesses we give and receive fills each of our buckets. 

  • Energy—Through outdoor play, we can help kids feel how moving our bodies helps keep us energized and balanced, even when it's getting chilly out. What a marvelous lesson to carry into the late Fall and winter months!

  • Gratitude—Research shows that practicing gratitude helps to promote lasting physical and emotional wellness. So, leading up to Thanksgiving, we'll help children recognize and express their gratitude for our natural environment and the important people in their lives 

  • Focus—Through breath and movement, we can learn to quiet and focus our minds and our bodies. This kind of focus can help children learn to adapt and adjust to stressors of all kinds. 

  • Joy—Sources of joy are hiding all around us, especially in the natural world. With the right support, young children can learn to spot joy in their surroundings, giving them a lasting way to boost their minds and fill their hearts.

  • Wishes—People all over the world enjoy different ways to express wishes or hopes for the future. Together, we will end the season with ways to use natural materials to express our wishes for winter and the new year to come.

How Will We Teach About Wellness?

Families can now sign up for a new season of our Tinkergarten program, focused entirely on Wellness. Our Wellness season kicks off November 9.

In each online session, kids are guided by a Tinkergarten Leader as they sing, move, and get inspired to play outdoors all week long. During each session, kids learn new exercises and animal poses that help them learn to calm their bodies and minds. Each week, the Leader also introduces a new play lesson designed to help our young explorers make sense of Wellness-related concepts like energy, kindness, gratitude and focus. Parents and caregivers also get special guides with easy activities that reinforce each Wellness concept and inspire hours of purposeful, outdoor play in between classes.

Find Wellness classes for your family at tinkergarten.com/classes.

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