How To Help Your Kids Play Independently Right Now

by Meghan Fitzgerald

You don't need to “train” kids to play on their own, for long stretches...but they do get better and better at doing it with the right support from you! That's why we've created a video series called "Independent Play Training"—really, it's training for us to help us set up the conditions that help kids play on their own more and more. Here’s how.

Whether we’re trying to get things done around the house, join a work meeting, or just catch our breath, parents all need ways to keep our kids engaged during the day. And, it goes without saying, we’d love it if whatever keeps them busy also helps them learn and thrive. 

What’s the solution? Independent Play.

We’ve all seen glimpses of it. You notice it’s been quiet in the other room for a while, you peek in and your child is totally immersed and “in the flow” of play. And it’s magical. It’s in those moments that kids are doing their best learning. They are feeling happy. They are engaged in what’s interesting to them, and they are developing skills like persistence, creativity and problem-solving. That’s the good stuff—independent play.

What if you and your kids don’t just have to stumble into those magical moments, but you could actually make them happen every day? You don’t have to be a trained teacher to help your kids learn to play on their own. And, you don’t even need to have the ideas! You just may need some help to get started.

How? Independent Play Training! 

There are whole sections of the bookstore dedicated to “no-stress” sleep training and “quick and easy” potty-training, but most parents and caregivers don’t know that there’s a third skill that’s just as essential. Tinkergarten’s Independent Play Training video series will take you step-by-step through the process of getting kids ready to play on their own. 

Give Lesson 1—Setting Up a Space For Play a quick watch. Then, take 20 minutes and, using what you learned in the video, set up your own space for play. We guarantee you’ll get hours (if not days!) of independent play back.


Then, Watch Lesson 2—Inspiring Play Anytime, Anywhere. What we say and do to launch a play session really matters. Test out different approaches that help give kids an invitation to play that really works.

Wrap up with Lesson 3—What the Theater Can Teach Us About Parenting. What role we choose to take can make a big impact on how independently our kids play.

What next?

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