Fun Outdoor Kids Classes in Miraloma Park

Educational outdoor activities in Miraloma Park for toddlers, preschoolers, and young kids. Year-round play-based learning in local greenspaces

Tinkergarten’s outdoor, play-based classes and curriculum are designed by experts and loved by families in in Miraloma Park. Kids ages 1-8, families, and classrooms learn through outdoor play all year round in local classes, schools, homeschool, and more.

Kids learn outside and develop critical early learning skills like creativity, empathy, and problem solving. Families learn at home or join an outdoor class following the Tinkergarten curriculum and guided by a local teacher.

Try Tinkergarten Home for free, join a local class, or start a new group by becoming a Tinkergarten teacher. Join the other families in in Miraloma Park today to play and learn outdoors together!

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Two Ways to Tinkergarten

Bringing it home

Courtney, Durham, NC

Supplements their child's preschool experience with outdoor, play-based learning. Watch weekly lessons together, activating skill-boosting play sessions in their home space.

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Joining a local Tinkergarten class

Aaron, Madison, WI

Takes their son to a weekly class, guided by a Tinkergarten Teacher, in their local park.

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Brain-Boosting Outdoor Play

Over the past decade, we've honed our unique approach to help kids become healthy, curious, creative and caring learners.
Our unique approach
  • Nature at the core


    Creatures are our teachers. Mud and sticks are our tools, and every lesson deepens kids’ connection to nature.

    Stimulating and calming in equal parts, the outdoors provides a perfect environment for kids’ sensory systems, activating their focus and joy for learning.

    In a world of uncertainty, I have been blessed to be reminded each week of the amazing power of wonder. To see children experience the natural world around them with such joy gives me hope. The hours that I spend outside as a Tinkergarten teacher are some of the best, week after week.

    ~ Tinkergarten Teacher
  • Irresistibly playful


    Each lesson is engineered as an invitation to play that kids simply can’t refuse!

    Each class I observed how engaged the kids were in the explorations and could tell that they were so immersed that they could've continued happily for much longer.

    ~ Tinkergarten Parent
  • Open-ended, child-led

    Kids learn best when they lead the way. Plus, we help grown-ups support their child’s unique process.

    I learned to be more patient and child-led in my interactions. I have changed my perspective around how to initiate an idea and let the kids run with it.

    ~ Tinkergarten Teacher
  • Part science, part wisdom

    Every lesson combines early learning science with timeless wisdom about nature and childhood. It’s a magic combination.

    We learned another way to play with them, to approach nature, and to ask them things like 'What do you think? What do you see?'

    ~ Tinkergarten Parent

Free DIY Outdoor Activities

Expert-designed activities families & teachers can use to weave a bit more purposeful outdoor play into every day.

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