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Healthy, educational fun for toddlers, preschoolers and young kids. Outdoor activity-based classes in local green spaces near Maidu.

Tinkergarten's outdoor, play-based learning classes are the best way for kids to experience the great outdoors in Maidu, during Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Moms, dads, and caregivers come together to support their child's learning in a beautiful outdoor setting, as kids in mixed aged groups learn through playing together.

Tinkergarten's curriculum focuses on using outdoor activities and play-based learning to develop critical early learning skills. The curriculum of kids activities is expert designed and facilitated by a certified, trained, local leader. Join a free class, enroll in a class for the season, or start a new group by becoming a Tinkergarten leader. Join the other families in Maidu today to play and learn outdoors together!

If your child is between the ages of 6 months and 18 months, consider joining of our Tinkergarten babies classes!

How Tinkergarten Works

Skill matrix

Skill-Based Curriculum

Tinkergarten is not a typical kids' class—we share ideas with educational frameworks like Montessori, Waldorf and Reggio Emilia, but we're much more. Our technology-enabled, expert designed curriculum adapts to region and season, is age appropriate, and spans a broad range of skills. Activities progressively build week after week, season after season.

"The classes are so well-thought-out and organized without being rigid."

– Kate, Mom to a 3 year old

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Let them Play, like we did

Our classes bring back something that seems to be lost on this new generation — something that was a most influential part of our own childhoods — free time to tinker outdoors.

"My youngest was more independent in this class than any other we've taken."

– Julie, Mom to a 3-year-old

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Prepare them

Kids learn leadership, problem solving, persistence, and more through well-designed, guided play. At Tinkergarten, we think independent exploration, risk taking, getting dirty, and making help kids achieve far greater things than drills at the local tutoring center.

"I've learned to see his play as learning. Amazing!"

– Jon, Dad of a 2-year-old

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It takes a Village

The most critical social development happens in the first 5 years. Tinkergarten is purposefully designed to bring kids together with their peers, their parents, and allow mom and dad to bond with their child more meaningfully.

"He lost himself at Tinkergarten, and before he knew it, he was working with the other kids."

– Elif, Mom to a 3-year-old

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