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Make outdoor play your job! Inspire a love of nature and boost kids’ essential skills in your classroom, community, or at home in Ocean Parkway.

We’re looking for passionate people to teach Tinkergarten and reach more families in Ocean Parkway. Maybe that’s you or someone you know!

Tinkergarten teachers have the flexibility to teach when and where they want - anywhere can become a Tinkergarten classroom! Whether you want to teach families, groups of kids, in the classroom, or all of the above, you can share the transformative power of outdoor play in any learning setting.

Anyone can join our teaching community by subscribing to a Tinkergarten for Teachers plan. Choose the teaching package that works better for you, then sign up for a free 30-day trial. Whether you want to bring Tinkergarten to a classroom/homeschooling in which you work or offer classes for local families, or both, we’ve got everything you need to teach in a variety of formats.

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Two Ways to Tinkergarten

Offering classes in your community

Joan Topeka, KS

Earns money and makes an impact by offering Tinkergarten classes in their community.

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Teaching it at homeschool

Elizabeth, Dayton, OH

Incoporates Tinkergarten in their homeschool program.

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    Who can become a Tinkergarten teacher?

    Anyone can subscribe and start teaching. Our teachers bring a wide range of talents and experiences to their work. You don’t need a formal teaching credential to be a successful teacher. All you need is:

    • A joy and passion for play
    • A love of nature and your community
    • A natural ability to connect with kids and adults
    • A supportive, team spirit
    • A respect for all people and living things
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    How can I start teaching?

    It’s easy! Choose the Tinkergarten plan that matches the way you want to teach. Sign up for a 30-day free trial, then follow our step-by-step setup guide to get up and running. As a member of the community, you’ll also get to see the different ways teammates bring the program to life—but in truth, the sky’s the limit!

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    What is the difference between Tinkergarten Plus and Tinkergarten Pro?

    Tinkergarten has always been a program designed to include and support teachers to bring their own children or the children they love.

    Tinkergarten Plus gives you everything you need to teach in your classroom, early learning center, or homeschool. It includes:

    • Teacher training
    • Seasonal curriculum guides
    • Weekly lesson plans
    • Activities and printables
    • Online teacher meetups
    • Teacher Forum & Facebook Group
    • Support from our Central Team
    • A badge each season

    Tinkergarten Pro gives you everything in Tinkergarten Plus, as well as resources and guidance to make it easy to manage the logistics surrounding running your own Tinkergarten programs. It includes:

    • High quality printed resources ($39/per season value)
    • Tutorials and training to get your program started
    • Marketing training and support
    • Promotional listing on Tinkergarten website
    • Grab-and-go marketing materials
    • Regular promotion of your programs via social media and email by TG central
    • Official Tinkergarten T-shirt ($29 value)

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    How are teachers compensated?

    After subscribing to Tinkergarten, teachers are able to run programs in the ways that work best for them, their family, and their community. Teachers set the cost of classes, collect fees directly from families, and can adjust their own costs and fees to reach their own, personal goals.

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    What training and support will I receive?

    On-demand training is built into Plus and Pro subscriptions. Our tutorials and supports provide you with the confidence and tools to teach with ease.

Free DIY Outdoor Activities

Expert-designed activities families & teachers can use to weave a bit more purposeful outdoor play into every day.

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