Join us and pledge to play #OutdoorsAll4 this year!

by Meghan Fitzgerald

What is the #OutdoorsAll4 challenge?

We know it is essential for everyone, young and old, to spend time outdoors in all 4 seasons of the year. And, we know how transformative it is for kids to learn through play outdoors. 

Thanks to recent research, we also know that all it takes to start getting the benefits is 2 hours outdoors per week—total. We can do this—even given the short days, cold, and sicknesses that winter can bring. 

So, we challenge parents, teachers and people EVERYWHERE to play #OutdoorsAll4 in 2020. And, how best to start?! Pledge to get outdoors every week for at least 2 hours for 10 weeks as a family or classroom this winter. If life happens one week, just pick up the next week and keep going. We’ll give you tools to track your progress, forums to celebrate and easy, fun ideas to inspire you!

Here is how our #OutdoorsAll4 challenge works:

  • Visit and pledge to play outdoors each week this winter.
  • We'll email you a sweet coloring sheet so you can color a tree for every ½ hour outdoors to track progress with kids! And, we send you weekly activity ideas to help you get outdoors—all you need is 2 hours to get all the benefits!
  • You get outdoors each week, color away to fill your forest, and tag #tinkergarten and #outdoorsall4 when you share photos of your time outdoors.
  • NEW! You can also join our #OutdoorsAll4 by Tinkergarten Facebook Group and share in the conversation with people who are passionate about the power of outdoor play!
  • WIN! Each week, we’ll pick a photo shared on Instagram and another shared on our Facebook Group to win a bundle of goodies!


Here is how the #OutdoorsAll4 Challenge will roll:

  • Wednesdays, Jan 1 through March 25: We'll share a weekly set of winter play activities to help families fill their forests, and continue to encourage more families to pledge and get #OutdoorsAll4. Families can join anytime!
  • Ongoing: Throughout the winter, we’ll release new coloring sheets for families who fill up their forests, and keep the momentum going with new prizes and activity ideas. We need to playoutdoors all 4 seasons, so we can keep rolling all year long. We can’t wait to reach families everywhere and get more kids, parents and teachers playing outdoors in 2020!

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