What to Bring to Tinkergarten Class

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Be sure you are healthy! Before you come to Tinkergarten, please make sure that you/your caregiver and your child are not sick. We want to keep everyone safe and healthy, and you can always make up a missed session by watching the marvelous pre-recorded class content in your My Tinkergarten! Click here to download our pre-class health checklist.

What to bring: No matter which season you're coming to Tinkergarten, you'll want to pack the following for each class: 

  • seasonally appropriate layers (including sunscreen for summer)
  • bottle of water to drink as needed (for kids and adults)
  • a towel or blanket to sit upon (optional)
  • change of clothing (optional)
Each week, you also get a pre-class email the day before each session, and your My Tinkergarten dashboard will update to include a preview of what we'll experience in class.

What about bugs?

If you live in an area in which ticks thrive, please read this blog post to understand how to enjoy being outdoors while managing the risk that tick pose. 

If mosquitos and other biting bugs are part of your natural area, you are welcome to apply repellent. We do not advocate any particular repellent, but we encourage earth-friendly products as a general rule. We've found that both Consumer Reports as well as the CDC offer objective and informative reviews of some of the options. 

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