Media Kit

American Inno August 9, 2017—Tinkergarten Raises $5.4M to Get More Kids Learning Outside

PR Newswire August 8, 2017—Tinkergarten raises $5.4m Series A with Owl Ventures, Omidyar Network and Reach Capital

EdSurge August 8, 2017—Tinkergarten Raises $5.4M to Get Kids to Go Outside, Play and Learn

BrightReads March 29, 2017—The Website That Tells Kids To Go Out And Play

Forming The Future March 26, 2017—Episode 6 - Brian Fitzgerald: Class Without a Room — the Benefits of Learning Outdoors

Team Human February 15, 2017—Ep. 24 Brian Fitzgerald 'The Power of Play'

SparkleCast February 14, 2017—Episode 12 – The Gifts of Outdoor Education with Meghan Fitzgerald

Red Tricycle May 19, 2016—Learn outside with Tinkergarten

CBS News May 4, 2016—Eye On Education: A Breath of Fresh Air for Preschool Learning

Timeout March 18, 2016—Timeout New York - Things To Do

Wall Street Journal March 18, 2016—Play-Based Education Network Tinkergarten Gets Support from Omidyar

Press Release March 18, 2016—Tinkergarten Fuels Expansion with $1.6M Seed Round Led by Omidyar Network

Ed Week May 26, 2015—Can Technology Get Kids to Play Outside?

New York Times July 9, 2015—Brooklyn Expats Come Home

Medium May, 2015—How a Side Project Became an Obsession

AlleyWatch June 11, 2015—The Perfect Solution for Kids Who Need to Get Out A Little

Interview with 33 Voices July 27, 2015—Tinkergarten: How two Parents are using technology to revive traditional childhood

edSurge May 27, 2015—Tinkergarten Raises $500k to Help Parents Find 'Play-Based Learning' Classes

Education World September 15, 2015—Startup Offers Young Leaners More Play Through Outdoor Classes

August 20, 2015—Tinkergarten Expands Nationally with Launch in the San Francisco Bay Area

August 13, 2015—Tinkergarten Hires Gary Burns as CTO—Accelerates Its Platform Development

May 18, 2015—Tinkergarten’s Technology Enabled Workforce Brings Early Childhood Learning to a Park Near You

Selection of Local Press and Blog Coverage

Tinkergarten aims to bring kids outdoors, expands in Connecticut—September 29, 2017

My Central New Jersey—September 2, 2017

The Voice—August 13, 2017

The Kane County Chronicle—August 9, 2017

Daily Record—August 6, 2017

TWC News NY1—August 2, 2016

WIAT CBS42 Central Alabama—July 24, 2017

Stilettos and Sippy Cups—June 6, 2016

ABC 7 Chicago—June 3, 2016

Innovate413—December 7, 2015

Fios1 NJ News—November 6, 2015—September 15, 2015

Queens Tribune—August 27, 2015

Cuddles and Chaos—May, 2015

Apple Moms in the Hudson Valley—June, 2015

Mommy Nearest NYC—May, 2015

The Mama Maven—June 8, 2015

Mommy R & R—July 10, 2015

NY Metro Parents—May 2015