Our Approach

This We Believe

  • The the first 8 years are critical for development of brain, body and spirit.
  • Young kids develop best through play.
  • Humans, young and old, are hard wired to teach and learn together.
  • An open and engaging play environment welcomes all kids to participate and shine.
  • Learning sticks when it’s joyful and full of wonder.
  • Nature is the ideal classroom.

Kids drive their own learning.

Tinkergarten’s curriculum both engages and delights a wide range of kids ages 18 months-8 years old. As a season unfolds, unique themes and challenges build lesson to lesson. These themes and challenges evolve one season to the next as children progress through the program. In each lesson, an engaging scenario unfolds that allows kids to launch and direct their own play. No two kids ever have the same experience, because it’s the process that matters. Adults play a role, too, as they observe, honor and support their child’s independent exploration and playful learning.

Skills that matter the most.

Though it just feels like fun, a season of Tinkergarten lessons are engineered to help kids develop a range of school readiness and lifelong-learning skills. We make learning irresistible by inspiring wonder, leveraging brain science, and even sprinkling in some best practices in game mechanics.


The better senses are tuned and integrated, the more kids can learn. Nature is a perfectly sensory stimulating classroom.

Motor skills
Motor Skills

Children hone both gross motor and fine motor skills as they explore and create in nature.

Focus self control
Focus and Self Control

Kids develop their own capacity to focus when we invite them to solve problems and drive their own play.

Persistence grit
Self Reliance

Self reliance comes when a child tries and, whether succeeds or fails, truly believes that her effort was her own.

Creativity imagination
Creativity & Imagination

The chance to make, tinker, explore, and imagine with true freedom builds the capacity for creativity


In a safe and supportive place to test out ways of working with others, children develop lasting social skills and feel valued for who they are.

Problem solving
Problem Solving

Even our youngest explorers practice generating solutions to new problems, building their capacity to address complex challenges down the road.


Young children learn to consider and feel the needs of other creatures and friends, building a foundation in empathy.


Kids repeat songs and rituals, find words to describe their marvelous discoveries, and express their ideas and needs.

Parents are their children’s most powerful teachers.

Parents are the most important teachers in their child’s life. Loving caregivers play a similarly essential role. We help these important adults learn about their child’s development so they can help him or her build the best foundation. At Tinkergarten, adults learn with other adults, and our leaders act as coaches. It’s social, supportive, and transformative.

The right coach can help kids and parents grow.

Our talented, knowledgeable and emotionally intelligent leaders facilitate memorable learning experiences for kids and their treasured adults.