Fall Lantern Walk

300+ Cities, Thousands of families

Tinkergarten Fall Lantern Walk

About the walk

Join us Sunday, November 3rd for our annual Tinkergarten Fall Lantern Walk. We welcome all families to this free outdoor event. At Tinkergarten, we believe that nature inspires wonder and deep learning. We designed the event to help celebrate the beauty in the darkness that comes with the end of Daylight Savings time. Now in its seventh year, this event has become a magical, annual tradition for thousands of families across the country.

How to participate

Find and register for a Lantern Walk near you.

On the evening of the event, families will gather before dusk, sing songs, light lanterns and enjoy an outdoor walk in the park. Simple and lovely. This event is free and open to all who register. Most of the events are taking place on Sunday, November 3, but we do have a few that are happening on other dates. Check your event’s day and time. “Falling back” is confusing enough — we don’t want anyone left in the dark.

Bring a lantern or use the DIY lantern making activity to make your own. If you are enrolled in the Fall Tinkergarten season, you will make a lantern for this event as part of class. It’s not too late to join a Tinkergarten class.

Visit our classes page to find a Lantern Walk in your community. If we don’t have an organized walk happening in your area, you and your friends and family can make your own lantern walk happen.