18 months-5 years Fall Season

November 17
10:00am - 11:15am
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Friday, Nov 17

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Class will be led by
Amanda Cushman

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About this class

Fall is a perfect time to witness marvelous changes in the environment as you incorporate outdoor, play-based learning in your family routine and build a family culture around making memorable fun and learning happen in nature together. Our 18 month - 5 year old classes focus on helping young explorers make the most of their outdoor classroom and benefit from the opportunity to play with and learn from children of various ages. This allows both the oldest and youngest build a foundation in capacities including imagination, creativity, focus/self control, persistence, empathy and teamwork. Parents and caregivers also learn about how children develop and how outdoor play supports this process during class and through our weekly emails and photos. As always, siblings are most welcome to come to class together. Our passionate, expert teachers are trained to adjust activities to meet children where they is developmentally and guide them in activities that are fun, memorable and designed for learning.

“ The leaders are amazing, ours truly made the class fun for the kids. My daughter now can't get enough of mud. ”
— Mom to a 22 month old
“ I learned how and when to step back and let my son be himself in certain situations. That was a lesson that I needed so much as a parent. The leader was able to communicate this in such a gentle and generalized way that I was able to step back and see myself. Not only was that a useful lesson, it was life changing. ”
— Mom to a 3-year-old
“ Everything was perfect. I liked being reminded that it's okay for my child to be messy. ”
— Dad to a 3 year old