Play it Forward Community Event

May 21
3:00pm - 4:00pm
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Sunday, May 21

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Class will be led by
Gretchen Whitcomb

Have questions? Call 413-397-2800 or email us.

About this class

Our Spring “Play it Forward” event is designed to help people of all ages celebrate outdoor play. We welcome families to bring friends from multiple generations whether that includes grandparents or neighbors of different ages; we hope to represent how important play is to us all. Adults from parent and grandparent generations will have the chance to share their favorite memories of outdoor play from childhood. All generations will work together to create a beautiful and fun nature art project and make a pledge to protect our green spaces and time in our lives for nature play.

This May, families and neighbors will be “Playing it Forward” with us on the same weekend across the country. We are thrilled to see your community join in the tradition! Please welcome friends and neighbors to join us, as the more people who celebrate play, the stronger our communities and our kids.

  • This event is free to all who attend and open to all who enroll.
  • We do request that families enroll in the event here so we can be sure to have sufficient materials on hand.
  • What do YOU need to bring? You don’t need to bring anything to the event. Please just dress in layers appropriate for the day.
  • What will WE have for you? We will provide all of the materials for you and those who you bring with you.
  • Can we bring friends? Of course! If you can, please encourage them to enroll so we are ready for them!
  • Got more questions? Email your local leader. We would love to have you involved!

“ I loved that she was so self-sufficient...and it's just great to be in the park getting a little grimy every week. ”
— Mom to a 3-year-old
“ I really like the mission, and the instructors are incredibly prepared and engaged, and really wonderful with the kids. This could have easily been just another walk through the park, but you guys made it much more. Many thanks. ”
— Dad to a 6-year-old
“ I learned how and when to step back and let my son be himself in certain situations. That was a lesson that I needed so much as a parent. The leader was able to communicate this in such a gentle and generalized way that I was able to step back and see myself. Not only was that a useful lesson, it was life changing. ”
— Mom to a 3-year-old