6-18 months Spring Season

Babies: 6 - 18M
April 16 - June 4
10:00am - 11:00am
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Thursday, Apr 16
Thursday, Apr 23
Thursday, Apr 30
Thursday, May 7
Thursday, May 14
Thursday, May 21
Thursday, May 28
Thursday, Jun 4

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Class will be led by
Kate Macartney

$160 per student for 8 sessions
Or Pay in 2, $82.50 installments
30% discount for each additional sibling

Have questions? Call 413-397-2800 or email us.

About this class

Join us for Tinkergarten Babies! Tinkergarten Babies is an adult/baby class designed to provide a safe, stimulating playscape in which babies can fall in love with the natural world. The setting, materials and expert guidance give babies the chance to develop brain, body and sense of self. With the warm support of a certified Tinkergarten Babies Leader and a circle of supportive peers, parents and caregivers get the chance to observe and learn from their babies, witnessing and learning together about how babies develop and how we can support each baby to thrive during this essential period of growth.

Get outdoors
Joyful community

How Tinkergarten Works

Class Details

This class is designed to:

  • Meet once per week for a total of 8 sessions. Include a range from 4 to 12 babies, each accompanied by a parent or caregiver.
  • Meet the needs of children ages 6 to 18 months. A family with an older child is welcome to join a Tinkergarten class designed for 18 months-8 years. A parent with a younger baby is most welcome to email the Tinkergarten Leader to arrange a chance to visit and learn more about the program.
  • Include safe spaces for parents and caregivers to feed and care for babies as needed during the experience.
  • Take place outdoors in all weather, except for weather that is dangerous, including when conditions are too hot, too cold or too stormy for safe learning. Leaders will advise and reschedule if weather is deemed unsafe.

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