How to practice social distance with kids in tow

by Meghan Fitzgerald

If you are wondering if it’s still okay to take a hike or be in a local green space or want the official word, we rely on the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA). With their guidance in mind, here are some easy ways to keep you, your kiddos and other people safe:

• Adjust your timing. Hit the park early or late, adjusting your timing so that there are fewer people there at the same time. 

• Keep your distance. Once you get to the park, find a quiet corner where your family can easily maintain 6 feet of space from others. As you walk through the park, help remind kids to leave 6 feet of space from passers by. How can you help little kids remember to keep that particular distance? Before you head out, find a 6-foot something in your home, like a couch or an adult lying on the floor. You and your child can stand at either end and get a feel for 6 feet (and try not to step on anyone!). Once kids are experts at identifying 6-feet, make a game out of it: Family members can make buzz alarm sounds when anyone gets too close as you move around.

• Avoid surfaces that are easily contaminated. Avoid the playground, benches or other surfaces fellow humans love to touch or surfaces like metal or plastic, on which researchers find that the virus lives longest. To make it easy, you can set the rule that you’re not going to touch anything “not from nature.”

• Paws! Still nervous that your kids are going to touch everything? Wear “paws” (i.e. socks) that can function as gloves and enjoy a little furry friend pretend play, too.

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