Mystery Sensory Box

When we turn off sight, what other senses can we use? Offering chances to slow down and focus on individual senses is a super way to help kids fine-tune their senses, feel present in the moment and discover new things about themselves and their world. In this activity, inspired by the book What Color is the Wind? by Anne Herbauts, kids use their sense of touch to explore and guess hidden objects.

The Guide

Get inspiration from literature: Read or watch and listen to the read-aloud of What Color is the Wind? by Anne Herbauts, a story about a child who seeks to explore and understand his multi-sensory world without sight. Wonder together, when we turn off sight, what other senses can we use?

Focus on each sense: Offer kids a nature treasure and invite them to focus in one one sense at a time and they explore it. What does the object look like? Then, invite kids to close their eyes and describe what it feels like. Is it bumpy? Lumpy? Rough? Smooth? Heavy? Hard or soft? What does it smell like? Does it make a sound? Go on a nature texture hunt and search for objects that feel soft, bumpy, rough, etc. Try out some of these ways to help kids focus on their sense of smell and discover the scents of nature. Or, try our Bird Song DIY to help kids tune in to their sense of hearing.
Mystery Box: Cut a hole or opening in one side of a cardboard box and hide an object from nature or two inside. Invite kids to place their hand inside and use their sense of touch to explore it. Older kids can describe how it feels, too. Can kids guess what the mystery object is using only their sense of touch? Add new hidden objects and repeat the guessing game!

Want more sensory play ideas using the book What Color is the Wind? as a jumping off point? Try our Ribbon Kites DIY or make your own wind flags with our Catch the Wind DIY.

Why is this activity great for kids?

Slowing down and using each of our senses is a great way to help kids develop awareness of their senses and develop their ability to focus and stay present in the moment.

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