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Be A Star!

As part of our traditions at Tinkergarten, we celebrate the seasonal rhythm of change that our natural world provides. As part of our March, 2022 calendar of activities, we celebrate Spring Forward—the moment that most of us turn the clocks ahead and accentuate the feeling that more sunlight is coming!

Get ready for Spring Forward by learning Star Pose to celebrate our galaxy's amazing star. Click here to get more ideas about how to celebrate that extra 60 minutes of afternoon sunlight we get when we Spring Forward, too. Or, try Star Pose anytime you want to amplify feelings of joy!

The Guide

Step 1: Introduce Star pose to kids. Here's how:

Step 2: Join kids and do Star pose a few times together.

Step 3: Repeat the pose.
While you're on a walk, hike or play session outside, greet the sun with star pose. Feel the sun's warmth as you do. If you like, reflect on the fact that our sun is a giant star—the star that makes life possible on Earth!

Repeat the pose each day in the morning, at bed time or at whatever times that work for you during the week to reinforce it with kids and enjoy the joyful impact of the pose. Return to it anytime that kids (or you) want to lean into the light, power and happiness you feel inside.

Why is this activity great for kids?

Star pose provides several benefits to both our bodies and our minds. Here's a bit more about the physical and mental benefits.

Just the practice of using the body, breath and mind to feel calmer, centered and more mindful helps kids learn to regulate their bodies and emotions and gives them tools for how to cope when life does become stressful later on. The practice of star pose also helps kids experience and express their vitality and joy—things that can support their positive mood anytime!
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