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#4: Model wonder.

Kids are naturally curious, and our end game is to make sure they carry that curiosity into adulthood. Research and experience tell us that if parents openly display wonder, we stoke the fires of curiosity in our kids. So, follow these simple tips, and you’ll teach them how to be and stay curious. When they wonder along with you, they also develop communication and critical thinking...and you may actually feel like you are a kid again!

OK, hit me - how do I demonstrate wonder?

  • It's simple. Ask questions and make “I wonder” statements, like, I wonder why all of the early tree flowers seem to be yellow? How do you think that one daffodil ended up in the middle of this field? Do you think there is anything living under that log? That's it. Don't be nervous—you don't even have to have the answer! (Hint) Simply get them asking questions, have them remember the questions, and you can always go back home and find the answer on wikipedia.
  • Act utterly fascinated by even the smallest phenomenon that interests you or your kid. Stop and stare at the ants as they swarm a forgotten PB&J sandwich, sniff a fragrant flower like it's a fine Pinot Noir, and wow at the view you get when you lie down and look up under a big, old tree. (Secret) Start doing this, and you'll actually start to actually feel fascinated, and alive.


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