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10 ways to optimize outdoor time with kids

Personal and professional experience, and a good deal of research have helped us to shape these top 10 recommendations for making time outside with kids fruitful and memorable. If you do nothing more than sprinkle these ideas into the experiences you are already having with them, you'll make a greater impact on your kids, and have a lot more fun along the way.


  1. Get OUT!
  2. Make it a special time.
  3. Let them PLAY.
  4. Model wonder.
  5. Embrace the dirty, the wet and (gasp!) the dangerous!
  6. Give them the right sized container.
  7. You can set a few, key rules and still be a hip parent.
  8. Prompt...then take a minute to LISTEN.
  9. Praise a job well done!
  10. Have FUN!


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Reader Comments (1)

I must admit I caught myself over the weekend telling Isaac (almost 2) to take his foot out of a water fountain after he submerged it completely... and reading your top 10 rules reminded me that I just need to get him a pair of wellies and then he can waterlog his feet to his heart's content!

May 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAli (in UK)

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